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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Past Simple Tense ---- Engiin QngQrsQn tsag

Past Simple Tense
Ug tsag-g QngQrsQn uil yvdl-g todorhoilohod hereglene. Ene ni todorhoi hugatsand bolj QngQrsQn yvdal bna.

butests (+)
Subject+ verb(ed)+object+(time)

example: He worked last night.
I watched TV on Monday.
They went skiing last December. ----- 'go' gedeg uil ug ni durmiin bus (Irregular verb) uchir '-ed' nQhtsQl avahG, QQrQQ huvirna.

butets (-)
Subject+did not (didn't)+verb+object+(time)

example: She didn't sleep last night.
I didn't play with Mary on Monday.
You didn't come to work on August 8.

------ edgeer tohioldold uil uguud ni QngQrsQn tsagt huvirahG. uchir ni 'DO' uil ug ni QngQrsQn tsagt huvirsan bna. (DID) 1 Qguulbert uil uguud bugd QngQrsQn tsagt huvirch bolohG.

butets (?)

example: Did you do your homwork yesterday?
Did he go out?
Did they play card last night?


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